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>On 02/04/07, Peter A. Giessel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>On 2007/04/01 23:21, bram seems to have typed:
>>> If both machines are connected through a network you may also want to
>>> take a look at netatalk
>>or Samba or NFS.  For my network, I mostly transfer files between my
>>Macs (5 boxes) and FreeBSD (4 boxes) boxes via sftp.  It doesn't "mount"
>>any drives, but it efficiently and securely transfers files.
>Unfortunately, they are only connected via the internet. Transferring
>8gb+ files over a DSL-grade connection is rather painful...

You may want to look at ``rsync'' as it's very good at doing
things like this as it minimzes the network traffic.  The Mac
version of rsync handles resource forks properly, but this may be
an issue going between OS X and FreeBSD depending on the progams
that use the data (e.g. the Reunion genealogy software still loos
at the resource forks).

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