Yeah, I do SSH in most of the time, but with the vmware window open, I'm
always tempted to type commands in there. So I figured it'd be nice just to
be able to have a nice sized window to do it in.

On 4/3/07, Chris Slothouber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Wouldn't it be easier to ssh in Windows in to your virtual machine?

This would certainly be a lot more effective at getting used to working
with FreeBSD remotely, if you are indeed replacing a Linux box that you
work on remotely.

- Chris Slothouber

Schiz0 wrote:
> I'd just like to be able to type commands without having them wrap to
> next line. Same goes to compiling software: More screen space = Less
> flying by at once = More time to read whatever's going on, let it be
> errors,
> warnings, whatever.
> And in my case, because I'm running it in VMWare at the moment due to
> fact that I'm new to BSD and I'd like to learn before I put it into
> production, the console window barely fills the VMWare window, so I'm
> wasting a whole lot of space. Half the screen is just blank.
> On 4/2/07, Daniel O'Connor <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I don't understand why people who want high resolution consoles don't
>> X.
>> It is a *lot* faster for the vast majority of cards (ie ones which
>> doing VESA modes).
>> Scrolling a screen full of text at a decent resolution using VESA ==
>> slideshow.
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