I have run into a rather weird problem, that I am not sure how to correct.

I have created a bootable CD for my FreeBSD systems which is approximately
234 MB in size.  While deploying the image, I found an error I would like
to correct.  All I am doing is adding a symlink to a folder in the /home

Please let me know if you see anything flawed in my procedure which may be
causing this problem.

1.  Create a directory to work in /home/CDImage.

2.   Copy the existing image to the /home/CDImage directory.
    tar -cpf - /cdrom | tar -xpf -

3.  Add the necessary symlink.

4.  Create the ISO image.
    /usr/local/bin/mkisofs -allow-leading-dots -l -R -T -iso-level 4 -b
boot/cdboot -no-emul-boot -o fwcd.iso CDImage

The image copied from the CD is approximately 234 MB in size, and the
image created by mkisofs is 664 MB.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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