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Hello everyone,

I'm running 2 server, one with FreeBSD and one with Linux. Now I want
to synchronize data between the 2 servers, over the internet so using
NFS isn't a solution at all.
Are there other possible ways of doing it ? AFS still seems in a
development state and Rsync over SSH might be another possible way of
doing it - would be just good if everything runs in background without
any interaction.

If you want to transfer data just once you can even use "scp -r",
should be fine. Or you use pipe, something like:

source-host~$ cd /source/path ; tar -cf - | ssh [EMAIL PROTECTED] "( cd
/path/to/destination ; tar -xf -)"

If you did setup key based authentication you won't be asked for a password.

In case of a "real" sync that you want to do on a regular basis I
think rsync over ssh is the best choice. Rsync has some nice features
to just update what is needed. And again you can setup key based
authentication to allow a connection without having the need to enter
a password.


Thanks in advance for any help

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