Hi all,

   a while ago I asked on this list, if someone knows an curses based frontend for the 
FreeBSD ports collection, which behaves like a package manager (e.g. dselect under 
Debian), but I got only responds, that this does not yet exist.

   So I invested much time in the last 7 weeks to develop such a tool. Its name is 
portsman (= ports manager) und you'll find it under:

   http://portsman.berlios.de (homepage)
   http://developer.berlios.de/projects/portsman/ (developer page)

   Today I released the first rc of upcoming portsman 0.2, you can download the 
package under:


   Currently I have not much feedback about it, so it'd be great if you could try it 
and give me feedback. :-)

   If you like you also can checkout the latest CVS version as described on portsman's 

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