> I have an electronic KVM that I want to use to switch between my crappy
> system, and my FreeBSD system.  The keyboard and mouse work fine on my
> crappy system, but, on the FreeBSD system, they work fine on startup, but
> after switching back and forth only once, the mouse (LED mouse) starts
> flashing, and the keyboard only works intermittently.  After reading a bit
> on the newsgroups/mailing lists, I added "flags 0x100" to the "device psm0"
> line in the kernel, and recompiled it, but that did not fix the problem.
> Then, I added the optional 9V adapter to the KVM, but that also did not fix
> the problem.  Is there something I am missing, or does FreeBSD just not work
> with a KVM?
> I'm using FreeBSD 4.7-Release-p3.  The two different KVMs (both create the
> same problem) are a Belkin OmniView SE, and a StarTech StarView.
> Regards,
> Justin P. Michel

Does your KVM have the option to "reset the mouse & keyboard"? 
I use Cybex KVM's and the problem you're describing is 
normally fixed by performing a kbd/mouse reset via the Cybex's 
on screen menu.

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