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I tried to use the bar program to show a progress bar in my shell script.

I tested with this command in console:
bar -c 'csup -L 0 /root/csup/doc-supfile'

I see the progress bar but she doesn't work. I think the syntax is
correct no ?

For informations, i use Zsh.

If you are using textproc/bar, from reading the webpage
the answer seems to be no.  That bar seems to work as
a substitute for cat(1), or with the -c flag as a wrapper.
Since you are not putting files into the pipe, but rather
pulling them out, bar cannot see the size of the job and
so determine what portion is finished or not.

There also appears to be a misc/clpbar which may be
closer to what you want here.

Hello, thank you for your answer. I tested clpbar with this command:
csup /root/csup/doc-supfile | bar -s 100m -nan
but there is a problem and in console, i have  this:
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
27.0B at 27.0B/s eta: +99:99:99 0% [=      ]
perhaps, i can't use this program with csup ?

Thank you :)
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