On 4/5/07, Victor Engmark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hi all,

I thought it would be a good idea to use sudo on my FreeBSD laptop, but I'm
having doubts after checking the handbook (it's not mentioned at all) and
Google (most of the articles were obscure and / or old).

Are you using sudo? If not, why?

I am the only user on my system and I use sudo for all commands that
require root access. My primary reason is proper logging in the
syslog. All commands that I execute using sudo are logged to the
syslog - this way I know have an audit trail of my actions, when I am
sudo to root. In contrast, doing a su and executing commands leaves
back no trail whatsoever...

Here is a snippet of my syslog, when I executed whoami (just as an
example) with sudo:
Apr  5 15:26:07 zimbu sudo:     amar : TTY=ttyp4 ; PWD=/home/amar ;
USER=root ; COMMAND=/usr/bin/whoami

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