if you were keeping track of the blocks which had changed
 then you do not need to generate this list and simply send over the
 changed blocks.

Unison keeps a list of files at each end and only exchanges block lists for
files that have changed.  I use it to sync 40GB (10K files) over a 1Mbps
link and it's very fast.  It also will do two-way sync.

Unison and rsync both work on the filesystem level and not with
the blocks directly so would not be able to achieve the same result
as the live network backup on netbsd - ie allowing a simple dd
restore of a machine.

As this would be filesystem independent and if you are running zfs or other snapshot capable filesystem i think rsync or unison would have a problem working with the snapshots. i do use rsync with close to about 1Tb of data and a lot hard links for - but if the remote file changes you have to store the entire copy of new file and not just the actual blocks which have changed.


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