Jay Gordon wrote:
go with qmail... it "rocks"


it's a damn good mta.
qmail is horrible and outdated. heres a ton of reasons not to use it:


Sure qmail is nice if you want 3000 bounce messages because qmail is too dumb of out of the box not to reject mail for invalid recipients before queuing it, but hey, if you like that kind of thing or want to spend time looking for patches to correct broken behavior, be my guest. =)

go with postfix. It works out of the box and it is actively maintained plus there are a TON of good links on the postfix homepage.

This link:


will walk you through everything from start to finish for postfix and antispam stuff. Theres a ton more here: http://www.postfix.org/docs.html

do yourself a favor and start with postfix. qmail could have been something, but the arrogance of its author has relegated it to the has been list, much like his other programs he's released. He should have used a real open source license and then perhaps his programs would be viable today.

But thats just my opinion! =)

for the imap/pop piece, go with dovecot. its simple to set up and light on resources.

By the way, my site is setup using dyndns custom DNS stuff, so its very similar to yours. I use postfix + dovecot for my email needs and it works perfectly.

Best of luck


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