On 07/04/07, Schiz0 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On 4/7/07, Lowell Gilbert <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Schiz0 <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > I'm following the handbook to rebuild world. I updated via csup
> (Supfile:
> > http://pastebin.ca/427631 ) right before I ran make buildworld. Now I'm
> > getting this error: http://pastebin.ca/427605
> >
> > I just installed the system before doing this, so the /usr/src dir
> should be
> > fresh.
> >
> > Any ideas?
> >
> > Thanks in advance to everyone. Without IRC and the mailing lists, I
> would be
> > using Windows ;-)
> Is there anything non-standard in your make.conf?
> Are you using Kerberos?

No, I'm not using Kerberos. Also, I went through the entire make.conf man
page and added the appropriate settings for my system. My make.conf is
pasted at: http://pastebin.ca/428698

For the first part, I do not believe that
make checks what the NO_* variable
is set to, only that it is set, so false is
the same as true (I think I remember
reading that somewhere).

Try building world without any /etc/make.conf
Obviously if it succeeds you have narrowed
down your problems.

If that fails, csup and try again.  Sometimes
you catch the server with partially updated

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