Le Sam  7 avr 07 à 21:24:05 +0200, Vittorio De Martino <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 écrivait :
> Besides if I ask for the "help on line" (OR helpwin) the following error 
> messages pops up  
> "The file modules.txt is missing from the directory  where I think help files 
> should be."
> I think I didn't configure something but I don't know what (the main.pdf 
> manual isn't that helpful as far as the installation is concerned).

I had forgotten about that, but I think that the first time I had

FreeMat -i /usr/local/share/FreeMat-3.0

and then it uses QSettings to store this path persistently.

Could you please try it, and if it solves this problem, I'll add a post-
installation message?

Th. Thomas.

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