Lo all

I am trying to setup a box that can do fair link sharing ...
We have 2 client bases ..
Businesses which i want to allocate 70 % of the available bandwidth to and
Residential which i want to allocate 30 % of the available bandwidth .
This is quite easy to do with Dummynet and IPFW2 but i also want to be able
to let the Businesses "borrow" from the Residential clients during the day
but not at night .
Aswell as each ip must be Hardcapped at different speeds according to the
appropriate package
I tried to use ipfw2 + dummynet and ALTQ to thusfar but a swarm of kernel
panics and just misbehavings
of ipfw2 which i think is due to the ALTQ kernel patch has forced me to look
for another solution ..

Any ideas of recommended documentation would be helpful

Thanks in Advance


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