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> I'm now moving my first steps in trying to memorize my many digital 
> photos (for the time being some 700 pictures but rapifdly growing, 
> average size among 800-900kb)  in a "centralised system" easy to deal 
> with. I'm now  successfully (but still in an experimental level) using  
> a postgresql 8.0.2 db with its wonderful lo_creat, lo_export, etc 
> functions.
> Unfortunately I've read in the internet many criticism on 
> the use of mysql or pgsql db to memorize images, that this is not an 
> efficient way to do the job (no alternatives seem to be proposed 
> anyway!) because the db easily becomes cumbersome  (isn't that the 
> "core business" of a great db such as mysql or pgsql?).

I highly recommend that you research some of the available open source
image organizers.

PostgreSQL would do excellent as a storage system for your pictures, but
you'd have to program in all the methods you wanted to used to catalog them
and so forth.  If you grab one of the existing album programs, it will
have all of that, including tools to crop your photos, adjust for redeye,
do fancy effects, etc, etc ...

I was at a LUG meeting where a number of these were presented recently, and
I'll be damned if I can remember any software names ...  Here are some that
I found during some googling:

Bill Moran
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