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Siju George wrote:
How Do you actually Identify what process is listening on a TCP/ IP port?

man lsof

Just out of interest, why do so many people recommend lsof, which is a port, when sockstat/fstat are in the base system and seem to cover the same ground?
Am I missing something about lsof?

A few weeks ago, I would have recommended lsof simply because I wasn't aware of sockstat. It's only from reading things on this list that I've learned about sockstat. And thanks to your message, I've now learned about fstat.

Since learning about sockstat, I haven't used lsof, even though lsof was one of the first things I installed from ports when I set up my system.

I don't know if others have different reasons for recommending lsof, but speaking for myself, I simply wouldn't have known better.



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