On Apr 10, 2007, at 7:55 AM, Marc G. Fournier wrote:
I hate it when a subject doesn't easily present itself ... but ...

Is there something that I'm missing, such that if I add a keyboard to a server *after* rebooting it with no keyboard, that will have that keyboard recognized?

Basically, I have several remote servers, with no keyboards, but if I need a tech to check something on the console (ie. the ethernet went down for some reason), when they plug a keyboard back in again, there is no signal until they actually power cycle the machine ... which of course, is too late to do any
diagnosis :(

You should be able to add a USB keyboard and have it be recognized, at least by the newer versions of FreeBSD.

If you're talking about a PS/2 keyboard, probably not...the BIOS recognizes and configures them at boot time, and if one isn't present then, the resources aren't allocated for one to be added later. You should also be aware that PS/2 isn't a "hot plug" interface-- some people have blown fuses on their motherboards by hot-plugging a PS/2 keyboard while the system is running. Someone's suggestion about using a KVM is a good thought, however...


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