Thanks Bill. I use the port upgrade suit for all of my port management needs. I guess what I can do is just pkg_info the pkg I am going to delete then see if I need the deps or not and un-install them as well.

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Say I have a new system with nothing installed on it yet from the ports collection. Lets say I install Apache and lets say it requires php, python, perl, and ruby. Now lets say I uninstall Apache with "pkg_delete Apache". Will it remove php, python, perl, and ruby? Or will it leave those packages? Even if nothing else is depending on them?

The system does not automatically clean up dependencies for you.  If
you uninstall a package that leave dependencies behind, you'll have to
clean them up yourself.

If it does, how can I remove those quickly with a pkg_* command? Also, what happens if other programs I installed later use php, python, or perl? I'm guessing they would just be left?

Install and use ports-mgmnt/pkg_cutleaves.  It solves these problems if
you always use it to uninstall software.

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