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Derek Ragona <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> At 03:48 PM 4/10/2007, L33T Networks wrote:
> >What is the second line with, and the hostname ends in a
> >period? I've never seen this in a host file previous to FBSD v.6.
> >
> >apollo# cat /etc/hosts
> >#::1                    localhost.mydomain.com localhost
> >               localhost.mydomain.com localhost
> >            apollo.mydomain.com apollo
> >            apollo.mydomain.com.
> >
> >Is this something that's required for other IP addresses that will
> >be added to the hosts file in the future?
> Names ending in a dot represent the fully qualified domain name.  You
> do it all on one line but it gets too long to easily see and edit.
But that doesn't explain why apollo.mydomain.com. appears as both a
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