You can use MySQL or any other relational database to cross-reference/catalog 
storage locations and information about a large quantity of items/data such as 
IMHO, to make such a project worthwhile, you need a database design that serves 
your needs. If you don't want to design/develop it yourself, you can probably 
find a free cataloging program or database schema that will work well.

You store the actual images in a filesystem, and insert database records that 
have a field for specifying the path/filename where the image is located and 
other fields such as date/time photograph was taken, a name and/or description, 
You will want to have one or more tables for categorizing your images (at least 
two levels deep) to make it easier to find the one(s) you are looking for.
I would provide several ways to cross-reference images (based on one or more 

Vittorio <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote: I'm now moving my first steps in trying to 
memorize my many digital 
photos (for the time being some 700 pictures but rapifdly growing, 
average size among 800-900kb)  in a "centralised system" easy to deal 
with. I'm now  successfully (but still in an experimental level) using  
a postgresql 8.0.2 db with its wonderful lo_creat, lo_export, etc 
Unfortunately I've read in the internet many criticism on 
the use of mysql or pgsql db to memorize images, that this is not an 
efficient way to do the job (no alternatives seem to be proposed 
anyway!) because the db easily becomes cumbersome  (isn't that the 
"core business" of a great db such as mysql or pgsql?).

Could someone 
out there tell an almost definite word on this subject with some 
suggestions (other applications?) based on real experience?

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