Taavi Tänavsuu wrote:

I'm not yet very familiar with harddisks, filesystems, and FreeBSD, but is
there anything else i could try to make the disk usable again, or is it
somehow physically damaged?

There are two possibilities:

1) The disk is damaged. From your output that's what I'd think. Download the Samsung diagnostics for your disk and try them. If the disk fails those, then you should be able to get a warranty replacement. Before that, you could try installing the "smartmontools" port and running "smartctl -a /dev/{your disk}". That will tell you if the disk itself thinks it is dying.

2) But before you do any of that, try changing the cable that connects your disk. It may be as simple as that, but your errors are a bit too specific for me to believe this is the problem. After changing the cable try your fsck again. But really, this looks like a long shot.

3) Before any of those things, copy your files somewhere else, if you can. Dying disks often get worse. Not quite sure how you'll manage that given that you don't seem to be able to mount the disk. Maybe someone here will have an idea. Something with dd ought to work, if you have somewhere to dd to.


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