Isaac Grover wrote:
Good morning,

I am attempting to install FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE on a Dell Dimension
C521n (no Windows pre-installed) with a Sony model DDU1615S CD/DVD
drive as the chosen boot media.  Booting from the CD shows that the CD
drive shows up as cd, and after doing the fdisk/disklabel stuff,
trying to choose the CD drive as the chosen boot media gives me an
error window with the message "No CD/DVD devices found".  I would
include a dmesg output if I knew how to get to it during an install.

You may scroll back (with ScrollLock key) and see if it's detected.

Why can't FreeBSD see the CD drive after sysinstall starts when it can
clearly see it before sysinstall starts?

Because before it starts it relies on BIOS to provide services (in 16-bit x86 mode), but after the kernel starts, it must use its own drivers (32-bit or 64-bit, depending on your choice) and it seems it doesn't have the right drivers. Most CD/DVD drives are standard and register as ATA or SCSI drives but, as you see now, there are those that require special support.

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