Say, I've been meaning to install ataidle for awhile, as my server handles
approximately 3-5 requests for cvs per 24 hours, and I'm a pragmatic
believer in the dangers of global warming, and I've never had a disk go bad
on my old w2k systems, even though they spun up/down at least 20-50 times a
day (on my desktop).

It's non-obivous, however, from the docs/man wether ataide makes persistent
changes, or if you need to run it from cron, rc, etc.  Anyone know the
'proper' usage for ataidle?

I found this: which might
be of general interest to folks along these same lines.  No idea if it's
correct usage, however.


On 4/9/07, Pieter de Goeje <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On Sunday 08 April 2007, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> Hello again all,
>       I was wondering if there was an automatic, and possibly timed
means to
> spin down disks available in either ports or the base system, by chance.
>       Just trying to cut down on energy use, and increase my disks'
lives :).
> TIA,
> -Garrett
Take a look at ataidle (sysutils/ataidle). Dunno if it helps with their
expectancy, but it certainly is quieter without the disks spinning :).

Pieter de Goeje
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