Aitor San Juan wrote:
Hi List,

Just a simple question.

I have developed a shell script that, among other things, shows the filename
that was specified as a parameter.

However, when I invoke the script and the file is located in the current working
directory, it just shows: ./my_input_filename

I'd like the script to show the full path name of the input file. I wonder
whether there is or not an equivalent to %~f1 (Windows Batch file programming).
This parameter extension expands parameter %1 ($1 in shell scripting jargon) to 
Fully qualified path name.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

You could always do it relative to the current working path, i.e. "`pwd`/./my_input_filename".

There's another way to do this by determining the absolute path of the shell script, but that was a bit more complicated and I don't remember where the documentation for that is right now..
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