Hello list!

I have two Hosts. Host notebook and host aixa. aixa is running FreeBSD 6.2 and XDM. notebook is running Cygwin/X (Windows XP). notebook is acting as a X-Terminal and he is displaying the login-screen of aixa.

When I try to login on aixa via XDMP-Protocol I can read on aixa (XDM) in a xconsole following:

Apr 12 21:45:05 aixa xdm: pam_sm_close_session(): no utmp record for notebook:0

On notebook I see the login-screen, I type my login and password, the login-screen disappears and appears again. It seems that the login failed!

It seems for me a problem with the pam-module but I have no idea... Maybe somebody out there?

With regards
Stevan Tiefert
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