> > I currently have an IDE drive that has the capacity to do 128KB/t and
> > a SCSI drive 64KB/t.  Are these stats in fact showing me that there
> > is a limitation with the SCSI drive?  Are my file transfering
> > capaibilities less with the SCSI drive?  I suppose what do I need to
> > look for in the spcifications when choosing new drives so this does
> > not happen again?
> FreeBSD's SCSI layer has a cap of 64k per transaction (apparently
> because ancient ISA adapters could not do more than 64k), and the ATA
> layer has a cap of 128k.  You won't see a difference using regular
> disks.  A 20MB/sec transfer rate comes out to ~300 64K
> transactions/sec, which most systems should be able to handle with no
> problems.

so what exactly does KB per transaction mean? what happens if I am
handling 300 concurrent users with 160Kbit encoded audio streams - could I
in fact do this on this machine?  or will I be limited by the 64KB/t

- Noah

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>       Dan Nelson

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