I guess you could buy a copy, or convince someone, like me, to send you
one.  My bigger question is "If you want to be a mirror, why don't you
want to download it."  Downloading it will likely be the quickest way to
get the CD.  Even at a pathetic 9600 baud connection you would be able
to download the full CD1 before anything I ever sent you arrived, and if
you wanted to be a mirror, you need much better than that for bandwidth
anyway (a mirror who gets their updates from tape/cd/whatever isn't
going to be of much use.)

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 19:17, francis seguerra wrote:
> hi,
> i am a network admin(new)here in Saint Columban
> College. and i like to use freebsd for my servers.
> where and how can i possibly grab a copy of the latest
> stable release aside from downloading.
> i am here in pagadian city, Philippines.
> i also wished to be one of the mirror sites of freebsd
> here in the Philippines.

David E. Cross

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