A little more on this, because now I am really stumped. I have taken known
good source, and moved it via CD to this machine. I rebuilt, and it exhibits
exactly the same behavior, with both my kernel, and GENERIC. Pinging an IP
on my lan results in ping: sendto: host is down. There are no active
firewalls on this machine. When I ping another IP on the network, activity
happens on the switch. I have swapped NIC's to a known working one from
another machine, and it behaves identically. I have changed ports on the
switch. About the only thing I haven't done is reinstall (which reminds me,
I have a Freesbie disc around here somewhere to try) - but I'd rather that
was a last resort. Meaning I'm open to any suggestions anyone might have
about this.

On 4/12/07, Drew <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I have a 6 stable box that I cvsup'd at around 5:15am central US time this
morning. I did a buildworld and buildkernel on it after checking the
UPDATING file and finding nothing since 6.2 release, ran mergemaster and
rebooted, so I was a little surprised when it never came back. Once I gained
physical access to the box, I discovered it had no apparent ability to open
a sock - neither unix, nor udp nor tcp. I can ping localhost, but not other
IP's on my network. X tells me host.domain.name:0 is a bad display name.
So I need to know how to get things back up and running. Is this a known
problem that has been fixed, or have I stumbled across something no one else
has seen? As a side note, I have to give major props to all the developers -
it sounds like my situation is really bad, but this is the first major
problem I've had in over 7 years of tracking -STABLE of one version or
another. Let me know if I can just cvsup another 6-stable box and burn it to
a disc and copy it off on here, or what I need to do to fix this, because
I'm lost. For the record:

mergemaster -p
make buildworld
make buildkernel KERNCONF=mykernel
make installworld
make installkernel KERNCONF=mykernel
mergemaster -a

came up with no sockets. At this point:

rm -rf /usr/obj
make clean
make buildworld ...etc - still no sockets.

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