Yes, it can be done.  It is done  by a couple of the ports, and as such
there is a pre-ported way of doing it.

/usr/ports/devel/linux_devtools and linux_devtools-7 (depending which
version of the linux_base you have).

After that its mostly automatic.  You may need to do things like get
kernel-source, or other bits depending on what you are doing.

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 13:22, J. Seth Henry wrote:
> I know this is probably going to be an odd question, but is there a way to
> create true "linux" shell within FreeBSD, capable of running linux gcc and
> creating a linux binary?
> I want to play with Midori Linux, which involves compiling a lot of Linux
> source, for Linux. Dual booting is out of the question (my FreeBSD box
> runs the home automation system). I suspect it *could* be done with a
> carefully configured shell, and a bunch of Linux RPM's installed to
> support gcc and the assorted libraries.
> Is this possible, and if so, has pulled a stunt like this?
> If not, how well does VMware run under FreeBSD, and can you ssh into the
> virtual machine once it's up?
> Thanks,
> Seth Henry

David E. Cross

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