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I've got a situation that looks like require using variable
and not possible to process with sed. But I am not sure. Can
someone suggest me if this task is out of scope of sed?
Try some variation of what Garret suggested if sed is the
requirement and skip rest of the message.
Thank you very much for all of you providing insights. I have not
yet tried all possibilities in sed but I have just discovered it's
relatively easy to handle this task in awk with this script:

/^$/ { print "createTimestamp:", timeStamp; timeStamp = ""; }

This prints a "createTimestamp:" line on its own block for every 2
consecutive empty lines (in context of the whole program).

Ah, yes, if there are two empty lines this line would create a mistake. The original input file's sections are strictly one-empty-line-divided and one empty line before EOF, thus I was lucky. However I wasn't aware of your point when I wrote this.
/^ahkCreateTimeStamp:/ { timeStamp = $2;}
/^createTimestamp:/ { if (timeStamp == "") timeStamp = $2; }

$0 !~ /^ahkCreateTimeStamp:/ && $0 !~ /^createTimestamp:/ {

Interesting, your description of the solution (sadly not in the
quoted reply) allowed for "createTimestamp" move to
"ahkCreateTimeStamp" line, but implementation above keeps the
"createTimestamp" at its place.  So I suppose order does not

Well, actually order is not important. I forgot to mention this...
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