ermmm... I just Installed 5.0-RELEASE two days ago and i have a question about adduser.
i am using adduser to add users. on my 4.5 machine i was able to choose, to let users 
use ssh access or don't let them use by adding shell: no , what i found in 5.0 that 
there is no such choise, only this:
Shell (sh csh tcsh bash) [sh]: /sbin/nologin
adduser: ERROR: Invalid shell selection. Using default shell /bin/sh.

so how to disable ssh access for the user? i looked in /etc/passwd , some accounts 
have /sbin/nologin but i wasn't able to do old stile like 4.5 used to let me do. so 
how should i fix this one?
Thanks for your replies!

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