I'm currently facing a problem of having used Netscape (now Mozilla) for years in Windows and now trying to find something I can regularly use in FreeBSD without losing Mozilla in Windows.

I was thinking of something involving IMAP and NFS. I already have Courier-IMAP running, so I can use IMAP with Mozilla in Windows, and use either IMAP or NFS-mount my Maildir in FreeBSD. That part is almost a no-brainer.

Moving my Mozilla mail store poses a number of technical questions and problems. I have more than 32,000 emails saved up in 200 folders. Some folders, like the one for the postfix-users list, can have 3000-4000 messages in them. For growth, we'll say 5000 messages.

How well would FreeBSD, Courier-IMAP, and postfix be able to handle a directory with 5000 files in it? How about a directory with 200 subdirectories in it? I know that the parameters given to newfs can greatly impact the suitablility of a filesystem for a given task. How do I get that information from an existing filesystem? Dumpfs? Dumpfs spews HUGE amounts of information, but I don't know enough to make sense of the output.

I really would like to stick with Maildirs and Courier-IMAP for this. I know CIMAP well and is very fast and stable. However, if these demands are just too much to expect, then can someone please tell me where I can find Cyrus for Dummies?

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