>       50 m isn't that much.   I was guessing more in the range of
>       one to five km. (Maybe with an outside antenna??)

the idea is a child to communicate with another than with another... in
a school during normal
hour, ther will be about 500 computers XO on and online...  so the all
children will have
a way to communicate to each other, share files, produce documents...
when they leave
the school they eventually will go offline... 

>       Or 5 million people being producers; having them not only
>       consume bbut contribute to the greater good of thw world!
>       I think 5 million is just the beginning; in a few years, 
>       50 millions, and then 500m.  Maybe in another generation
>       it'll bring at least a couple of billions (thousand millions)
>       into the cooperative world-force.  

will this be the start of a new era????    time will tell....

>       This really makes my day.  Thanks for the story.
>       gary

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