I am using the xf86cfg, which takes the graphical display and just makes
the res really small, not letting me see the entire menus.  When I say
small I mean its using like 300 something.  So its really big, is there
some keyboard controls to make it so I can see all of the menu or
something else so I can configure X?

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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Adam M Ryan wrote:
> Subject: Xf86config res too small on laptop
> I am trying to use the xf86config graphics utility on my Dell Cpi 
> laptop, but the resolution is very small.  Its pry like 340x 
> something. I can't see all of the menus.  Does anyone know how to fix 
> this?
> Thanks
> Adam

xf86config(1) is a text-based terminal app. *Which* configuration tool
you using? Or is this xf86config as seen through /stand/sysinstall?

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