I've currently got a production server in place that I want to do some
hardware upgrades on. We're currently running a Dual P3 1.4 GHz and I plan
on replacing it with an AMD X2-5200+ cpu/mb.

Now.. Can I just use the same SMP kernel I have currently (assuming the
correct drivers are loaded) for the X2 processor if I just want to run it in
32 bit mode? Or do I need to do a complete re-install/upgrade to the AMD64
platform version of FreeBSD?

I'm not worried about memory usage past 4 GB (that's all we're installing),
or the slight (possible) increase in speed from using the native 64 bit

Are there any issues I should be aware of?

Of course I'm going to bench test everything with an image of the production
server, just to be sure, but I'd like to know what I'm getting into before I

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