On 4/18/07, Joel V. <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello people!

I have a strange problem. So, I log into my freebsd server at my office in
the morning and as always, first thing I do is "who". And then I almost have
a heart attack because I see two lines:

ohyeah           ttyp0    Apr 18 08:41 (
ohyeah           ttyp1    Sep  7 08:58 (

Here's finger:

ohyeah           Oh Yeah              p0         Wed    08:41
ohyeah           Oh Yeah              p1   8:15  Sep  7 2006

Oh that's nice. I always log out properly before I go to bed and this one
process is from september 2006?! I'm sure it wasn't there yesterday. Now the
strange part is that freebsd shows the same IP for that process as I'm using
now, and I've had that IP from my ISP for like a month. auth.log is clean,
too. My FreeBSD 4.8 server has been running for 222 days now, could it just
be too tired and in need of a restart? Has anyone seen anything like this

UPDATE: Sorry for sending the mail twice, but this might be important. Now
I'm logged in to freebsd via two ssh connections, and 10 min ago it showed 3
lines with "who". Now when I check I see only two, and one of them is the
crazy crap from 2006! So it even doesn't show one of my logins anymore.

Please note that I'm not in the list, so if you want to send me a reply,
please send also a copy directly to me at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Thanks in advance!

Do you use screen? And in that case, do you have any old screens lying
around, or can it be that you first started screen in 2006? The
x.x.x.x:S seem to indicate that, at least on my box, when i type who,
I see a user for each of my console inside the screen, with the IP of
my box and :S after the IP-address.

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