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> >How can I stop ppp from modifying my /etc/resolv.conf?
> >Everytime I establish a pppoe session, my resolv.conf file gets
> reconfigured to my ISPs DNS Servers.
> It's dhclient, not ppp that's modding the file.

>This is unlikely. PPP normally provides the dns server addresses itself, in
which case the suggestion to remove "enable dns" from ppp.conf is correct.

Well, as always, YMMV. 

If the connection is providing a dynamic address via dhcp, as my ADSL
provider is, it appears to be dhclient that's updating resolv.conf so the
setup as stated works for me. I have 'enable dns' in my ppp.conf file as
well but my provider doesn't seem to be able to offer a dns server address
correctly, which is why I run one locally on the network. I suspect it is
probably a setup error on my part but I have neither the time or the
inclination to tinker with it any more than I have to.

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