On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Jens Haeusser wrote:

> I'd like to install a system lacking some of the binaries you can
> specify as make.conf knobs, such as
> NO_I4B= true
> NOGAMES= true
> NOUUCP= true
> Even when I install a minimal system from an install CD (just bin),
> and then cvsup and make world with the above in /etc/make.conf , the
> original binary files are still around. I can remove them manually
> by going into the various directories (/bin, /sbin, /usr/bin,
> /usr/sbin, /usr/libexec) and removing any files older than my
> installworld date, but that still leaves crud in /usr/share, etc.
> Is there a better way to either do a stripped install, or to remove
> the files programmatically? Using a simple command like "find / \!
> -mtime 1 -print" also finds files in /usr/include, /usr/share/man,
> etc. that I don't want to remove.
> Jens Haeusser
> Network Manager
> Zoology, UBC

I have been thinking that those "knobs" should have their own
pkg-plist which one could use for deleting the binaries. Also one
must take in concern dependencies of those "knobs"...

Maybe by looking at the various Makefiles to see what gets installed
one could create this pkg-plist which could be used to remove those
"knobs" not wanted? But I still think sendmail and so on should be
installed by default as it is needed by the system.

Just a thought...

How it should be done I'm too tired of thinking about right now. :-)

Best regards,

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