Hi All,

I have just installed PC-BSD on an Asus A8JS laptop. The Realtek RTL8111B ethernet NIC does not work so I'm looking for a bit of help.

As far as I can tell the driver for this NIC is the rl driver (the module is called if_rl.ko), but I also found a place where the driver was listed as the re driver. So the first question is whether someone can clarify this?

The NIC is not recognised during boot as there is no mention of it in dmesg, which leads me to think that maybe this NIC is not supported by the version of the driver in PC-BSD 1.3 (based on FreeBSD 6.1). Realtek provide a FreeBSD driver on their site and the Readme says to install by either of two methods: 1. Put the if_rl.ko module in /modules folder, etc but the if_rl.ko file is not provided or 2. place new versions of the source code files into source and compile the module but since I have no connectivity I can't download source to do this.

I have thought about how to get around these problems and have a couple of ideas. 1. Someone could email me an up to date version of the module. The re and rl drivers are compiled in the kernel according to the PC-BSD kernel configuration file. Will this conflict with any module I load? 2. Is it possible to download source on another pc and transfer it to the laptop on cd or usb drive so I can try the compile route. Please note that I have tried the source code PBI from the PC-BSD website, but some of the directories that should then exist according to the readme file are missing so that doesn't work.

Thanks for any help.

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