hey fellows,

i'm trying to tune my laptop here (IBM T22 running 4.7-STABLE with X
4.2.1) and had heard that upping the priority would help increase
responsiveness under X.

because i use startx from a console when i want to use X, and don't
use XDM, i've been trying to work out which script to modify in order
to startx with a priority of -1, but without starting as root.

i've had a couple of failed attempts, so thought i'd ask here to see
if anyone had any clues.

also, does anyone have any other performance tips for a laptop?  i've 
got 256 meg of ram, so was wondering if putting /tmp on a mfs would   
help..  i've had a look through the tuning(7) manpage, and some other
docs, but they mostly seem to talk about tuning for a busy network
server.  is tuning actually possible for a workstation (ie, is FreeBSD
already optimised for these types of machines), and does it offer a
substantial difference?  i'm currently using the machine for general
tasks, web browsing with galeon, viewing media in mplayer, and 
endlessly compiling to feed my portupgrade fetish :)

any tips would be gratefully received.

stay frosty,

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