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is there an emulator or virtual machine, which would run MS Windows on FreeBSD as a host system and support USB devices? (I do not mean USB Mass Storage,
but e.g. Garmin GPS device with Garmin's MapSource.)

Preferrably some free software.

AFAIK wine cannot support usb devices, VMware Server 1.x does runs only on

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Based on my experience VMware is the most complete VM that can deliver this. However, there are people working on porting Xen to FreeBSD (CURRENT I believe, not STABLE).

So stay tuned for Xen if you're interested..


Does Qemu do what you want? I'm installing Windows 2000 Professional
inside Qemu for some experiments. I don't know if it fulfils your USB
requirement, but it's free and I hear it runs on FreeBSD pretty well.

Hope this helps,
Adam J Richardson

I've had a few rounds with Qemu on FreeBSD, Linux, Mac, and Windows, and each time when I try and get stuff setup, it breaks unfortunately (all of the above except Mac) or is too slow to be usable (Mac, because of my iBook's processor speed >_>).

Xen isn't half bad though because it's cross architecture, similar to Qemu, but with more native emulating speeds. Unfortunately VMWare is only available for x86 CPUs and friends though, and although someone offered a bounty for proper Linux emulation of it on FreeBSD, it's probably going to be a while before it's available (at least until the linuxalator (sp?) gets fixed a bit more..).

Those are my 2 cents :).
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