I'd look at your SA setup, make sure you're running v 3.1.8 abd have
saupdate-ed recently.

Also make sure you're running the URI-RBLs, dcc and razor2.

Third party rules from are a must are as is  the the
imageinfo plugin.

You could always ask on the spamassassin users list for advice on tuning you
setup and get some of the spam you get analysed by  those of us running well
tuned SA setups so you know which extra rulesets will help.

Go on as on the SA users list, we're a friendly bunch and will help you with
your problem.


On 4/20/07, Grant Peel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Hi all,

I am posting this question here because I know there are alot of ISPs
using FreeBSD (including me) and am hoping to get feedback, either directly
to me or to the list.

We are wrestling (as I am sure many are), with spam. Up until now we have
been employing Spamassassin locally and using some 3rd party Anti-Spam
servervices that are getting less and less reliable as the weeks go by.

We are considering two hardware solutions, Easyantispam and Barracuda.
Barracuda is very expensive, so the most likely candidate is Easyantispam.
Does anyone out there have thought on either or both of these? Usability?
Reliability? Total Cost of ownership? Integration issues?

Any thoughts will be appreciated,

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