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Dear Sir

I am new to this operating system and became interested when I started to
look at a solution for a network set-up. I do not know if I will be able to
master this OS because I grew up with Windows and know nothing about UNIX OS
systems. With windows I at least can help myself and find my way around.

I started a few month ago, and I honestly don't regret my decision! FreeBSD is great! For your information, I knew nothing abut UNIX OSes two!
Do yourself a favour, try it!

I had no *NIX OS knowledge at all, I thought I would start with Linux but I honestly gave up! What I didn't like about it is that every single Distribution had it's own directory structure and startup scripts etc! When I was posting questions at a mailing List I received answers covering Red hat or other distribution and that was confusing for me as a beginner!

FreeBSD is well structured and it is explained why and where to find what! Very very very important! You will see.. :-))

I would recommand the following books in order of preference:
1a) The FreeBSD Handbook - if your are not sure about choosing FreeBSD or not first have a look at the online version of the book (see the link below)
2) Unix Power Tools 3rd editions (which was revised and covers FreeBSD, it will give you Unix base knowledge)
3) FreeBSD Unleashed (it is really good book, and covers a little bit of everything)
4) Absolute BSD (it is a really great book but may be to difficult as a starter)

Good luck! Simply give it a try, you will see after some training and reading you will fall love it!

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