i use spamassassins for spam filtering, i update my sa to their CVS daily,
for more filtering I, like most ppl, use procmail. and i use mutt locally and
evolution with IMAP remotely. mutt can do IMAP as well now. I also have
squirrelmail setup with IMAP for web-based mail access, my squirrelmail is
also sync'ed with their CVS daily.

i let procmail do the filtering coz i dont use Mutt to check my mails all the


On  0, bryan cassidy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I am using FreeBSD 4.7-Stable, and want to switch back
> to mutt. The only reason I stopped using mutt is
> because I couldn't figure out how to setup the filters
> so I installed sylpheed with no problems. I'm getting
> kinda tired of sylpheed and want to switch back to
> mutt. I really like using mutt but i NEED my filters.
> I'm not going to even install mutt this second unless
> I find a doc on how to do it on freebsd or someone
> tells me EXACTLY how they did it (don't want to waste
> my time) If someone could please tell me how to do
> this I would really appreciate it very much. I know
> it's alot to ask  but I just can't figure it out :-(
> lol. Please Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] so I will get your
> replies (haven't got an e-mail client installed right
> now) Thanks in advance.
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