Allthough i have set to yes the option about "receiving your messages to the
list" I didn't receive it.
In addition i haven't received any reply so far.

Could somebody confirm that my message was sent properly to the list.

Thanks, Spiros

On 21/04/07, Spiros Papadopoulos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I am running FreeBSD 6.2 RELEASE and I have the above card in my DELL's
latitude c810 cardbus.

I followed the instructions on the page below and configure the kernel

i get the message about:

cardbus0: CIS pointer is 0
cardbus0: Resource not specified in CIS

which takes me to the post below...:

I guess i need to tweak the windows driver or anyway hack it somehow. The
problem is that i 've never done anything similar before
but i would like to get involved and make it work.

Anybody can point me to the right direction ? If the above is not the best
solution i would really appreciate pointing me to
the best alternative.

thanks in advance
Spiros P.

Spiros P.
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