> any particular reason why youre note going with 6.2?  i have 6.2 running on 
> several DL G4's and G5's (couple ML's in there too), and they all have no 
> trouble with the broadcom nics.  also, both my laptop and desktop have the 
> broadcoms as well, and again, they work very nicely... in 6.2.

only reasons are:

- 5.5 is the declared legacy version of FreeBSD, for a remote server,
    I tend to be conservative in my choices;

- I never used version 6 yet, I prefer using something I am familiar with :)

- when I was away trying to install the machine, downloading FreeBSD
  6.2 was not possible, while buying a card could have been possible
  (if any was available on the market there).

I'll look at version 6.2.


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