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> Hello,

Hello Nino,
> does anybody know is it possible with Postfix to "route" e-mail based
> on either the inet interface message came from or the sender of a
> message? I'm using Postfix v.2.3.8 on a multihomed machine and have
> two smtpd's defined in master.cf. What I would like is that mail
> submitted through smtpd that is listening on A.B.C.D goes out through
> the smtp client that binds to A.B.C.D and the rest of the mail go
> through the other smtp client. The problem as I see it is that, once
> messages arrive in the queue, it becomes irrelevant where they came
> from and the only "routing" that is available is recipient-based.
> Thanks for any suggestions!

Would it help to pimp your transport map?

#        In the case of delivery via SMTP, one  may  specify  host-
#        name:service instead of just a host:
#             example.com      smtp:bar.example:2025

You can replace bar.example with the IP address of the other
It works with my DBmail configuration.

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