Hey folks.  I have a wierd question here regarding getaddrinfo().

I recently installed gkrellm2 from the ports, and found that it was
misbehaving with remote email checks.  It had no problems when being
run on the local machine running the mail server, but from work, it
seemed to just do nothing.

Well, naturally I went to the source.  Well, one of the authors,
anyway.  Bill Wilson was very helpful.  After I helped him narrow down
the problem, he sent me the following links:


I know they seem to be more related to Linux, but they also seem to
apply here.  He provided a patch that basically undefined the
HAVE_GETADDRINFO precompiler macro.  This fixed the problem.

The reason I'm posting it here, is it appears this may be some obscure
problem in glibc, and I'm wondering if anyone else has any insight in
this problem.  I looked at GETADDRINFO(3) and it seems to imply that
the gkrellm2 behavior is correct, but it still doesn't work.

Anyone have any insight to this?  Is it really a problem with glib, or
is this something that should just be ignored for now?

Sorry if this is the wrong venue for this question, If it belongs
elsewhere, please let me know.

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Understanding is always the understanding of a smaller problem
in relation to a bigger problem.
    -- P.D. Ouspensky

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