Thanks for the response.

However, I'm trying to avoid having to download the entire cvs tree
considering I only need the source 5.5 Release or 6.2 Release. The ports
tree would be great as well.

The CVS Repository is 3.1 GB which is a rather large amount for us to

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"Anthony Human" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Currently we have quite a number of servers running either 5.5 Release

> or 6.2 Release. I would like to configure a BSD box as a cvsup-mirror 
> to serve our internal servers. I am doing this to hopefully save both 
> time and bandwidth when updating.
> Please could someone assist me with configuring the supfile to only 
> download the source for the above versions? Any other advice/tips 
> would be much appreciated.

If you're running a local cvsup mirror, just grab the whole cvs tree for
the sources (and the ports).  You can leave out the bug database, and a
few other distributions, but it's probably not worth your while to get
the checked-out sources instead of the cvs files.
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