Lowell Gilbert wrote:
I tracked it as far as an ioctl call for creating what looks like a
protocol block.  I don't have the time to trace into the kernel right
now, and it doesn't look like anything in the smbtools userland has
changed in quite a while.

Can we assume that you checked the obvious things, like making sure
that the system isn't running out of memory?  Does this happen with a
GENERIC kernel?  Are you sure the kernel matches the userland?  Also
let us know if you can recall when it stopped working.

And for what it's worth, I don't get such an error on -STABLE.

I decided to update sources (still patch level 3), build world and the GENERIC kernel and see what happens. No change. Same error. This will occur logging in as root to a console on a machine with 1GB RAM, so memory is not an issue. Building my custom kernel, which has very little customization, yields the same error as before, too.

I last used this successfully 16 February 2007.
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