I setup FreeBSD dual-boot on my dad's machine with a Samsung 170 flat panel
and it worked just fine. Just make sure you specify the right sync
frequencies in your XFree86 config file. and KDE looked *NICE* on the 17"
flat panel.

i think 5.0 has nv driver. I think just used the nv driver for his nv pci
card and it worked quite well.


On  0, peter andrus <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> hi, i just bought a brand new system. I want to set it up as a dual boot 
> system with XP and FreeBSD. I would like to know where I can get an updated 
> list of supported hardware,especially flat panel monitors. I have a samsung 
> syncmaster 170MP, and I want to know if it is supported. also, i am curious 
> about my nvidia video card. thanks peter
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